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Search Engine Optimization StrategyWelcome to another episode of 7 Figure Interviews ‘Developing New SEO Strategies'  with Rob Fore.

Rob Fore has generated millions online having mastered Search Engine Optimization and SEO strategies. Rob's straightforward approach takes the mystery out of SEO and turns it into a highly profitable method for leads and sales.

In this 7 Figure Interview, Rob Fore explains where he gets his ideas to develop “New SEO Strategies” and how he implements them.

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Developing New SEO Strategies Video Transcription –

John:                     Hello there. I'm John McLauchlan. I'm here with Mr. Rob Fore. Now, the people watching this that know me, know that I'm involved with SEO and everything I do I teach you after I steal from you! Great.

So Mr. Rob Four is my SEO coach. We spent a lot of time together last year developing an SEO strategy. One of the things I want to know from you, Rob, is that you teach the basics and then every-so-often you come up with an idea and I go, oh God I thought I had this SEO thing going and now you've got the Twitter thing. How do you come up with these ideas? How do you sort of develop them?

Rob:                       A lot of the time, it's coming to events like this and just paying attention to what the other people are doing. If you really think about what we do, is we sit and we work in isolation. We get our little system. We do our thing and it's kinda like to the exclusion of the world. Well, our way is not always the only way or maybe even the best way. So we come to events like this, where there's active six-figure, multiple six-figure, even seven-figure income earners and just listed to what they're excited about. And quite often you're gonna learn something like, wow I didn't even know!

John:                     Right. Yeah. And then you go and test it.

Rob:                       I always go and test it and then go, is it gonna work for me? Because even though it may be working great for them, it may not work for you. For example, I do a lot of blogging. I don't mind writing. But if English isn't your first language or even if it is but you really don't spell well, it might not be for you. So it could work great for me or great for John, but you're going, Ahh! Or video might be a better decision.  So I do test it and whether it's good for me or not good for me. Then I can report that to my team and go, hey you guys this might be awesome for you.

John:                     Fantastic.

Rob:                       So it's kinda like we're the frontier guys I guess. They go find it and bring it back to the tribe and go, hey look what I found.

John:                     What would you say … What would your main advice be to people getting started with SEO? What would you sort of recommend to people?

Rob:                       I think with SEO, you really need to compile … ask yourself. It doesn't matter what you sell. In every blog post you sell something different. Every particular blog you sell something different. But ask yourself the question, who's the person most likely to have the interest in what I'm selling. Starting with that, the answer to that question, compile an extensive keyword list and create content for every one of those keywords. That way, we don't have to get lucky and dominate something that gets a lot of searches. We can dominate or rank for three, four dozen things that get a little bit of search, called the long tail, that all adds up to a great big tail. It's just an easier way to get started versus trying to beat the competition and trying to do something magnificent.

John:                     So just from that then, in terms of keyword research, you say go and be the competition. You go use your strategy.  You are the competition. And other people say go for low competition keywords. What do you recommend?

Rob:                       Well that's how I do it. So let's say we pull a keyword list. Let's say there's 500 keywords on that list. I'll sort form high to low. The highest number of searches is for this keyword. Well obviously that's the one we want to rank for, but it's gonna be so competitive it's gonna be hard. So I'll create that piece of content first, but now we've got 499 all keywords. Now I start from the bottom up. Now I am building the long tail and I'm going for tiny searches that have no competition. Each of those posts, somewhere in that post, I am going to link back to that original. So by the time I've created these other 400 pieces of content, I've created so much authority for that original one, we dominate. [crosstalk 00:12:28] Make sense? So it's kinda like sneaking in the back door and it works.

John:                     Right. Fantastic. Well there you go. A lot of the stuff that I teach you, I get from Rob Four and this is straight from Rob Four. Fantastic information. Rob, appreciate the interview. Thanks very much. I'm John McLauchlan. This is Rob Four. And we'll speak soon.

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