Getting Organized, Productive and Profitable in Your Online Business


Welcome to Episode #5 of McLauchlan's Marketing Muse –  Getting Organized, Productive and Profitable in Your Online Business

So many people struggle when it comes to getting organized, productive and profitable in your online business, because of the distractions around the Internet and not having a plan and a system in place.  This episode touches on my own experiences about developing momentum, and tips for you to become highly organised productive and profitable.

Watch episode #5 of McLauchlan's Marketing Muse to learn about Getting Organized, Productive and Profitable in Your Online Business.

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Video Transcription

Getting Organized in Your Online Business Getting Organized, Productive and Profitable in Your Online Business

Hello there. I’m John McLauchlan. Welcome to another episode of McLauchlan’s Marketing Muse, the web show that simply shows you how to build a six-figure internet business. Now today I’m going to talk about all those things that kind of stumps a lot of people which is how to keep focused and how to do the productive tasks, the tasks that really kind of make us the money and get things done. So stay tuned.

Welcome back. So how do we keep focus and how do we keep productive? How do we keep being productive? Well, the thing is it all comes down to being organised. Let me tell you the old habits I used to do when I went out building my business, when I first all started or first started understanding what I had to do.

I used to come into the office, at my office and I would open – obviously open the internet. I would look at my emails. I will keep that open. I will look at Facebook. I will keep that open. I would look at some of the projects that I was doing at the same time and very quickly, you have kind of five or six different windows open on your computer and then you kind of get – someone liked some of my stuff. Great, then you hear the emails go off and you go and click on the email and then you go back to this and go back to that and you put some stuff on Facebook and oh, somebody else has liked it. Then you do this on Twitter…

Eventually what happens is we get into this repetitive cycle of doing absolutely nothing.

We think we’re busy and actually we’re not doing anything. It’s a bit like talking about your peripheral vision. Right now, I can see both sides of the road. Which is a good job! But your periphery is sort of 45 degrees and when you get online, you have an idea of what you need to do. You have an idea of the jobs you need to do for the day and we sometimes become distracted and those jobs that we have to do, they’re kind of narrow and that peripheral vision becomes slightly more blinkered.

The only thing we’re kind of interested in or the only thing that holds our attention are the things that are right in front of our eyes, so things like the open windows, things like looking at Facebook, things like – all the nonsense that we do on a day to day basis and don’t get me wrong. Everybody does this. Every single marketer on the internet has done this at one point or another or still does it from time to time.

But what they’ve done, they’ve developed a process that allows them to get things done, to get things out of the way. What you need to do, it’s a case of being organised and it’s a case of making a list of things that you need to do, things that are manageable the night before.

Then write them down and then saying, “Right, OK. I’ve got to get one, two and three finished before I do anything.” Have a system in place where you only go on Facebook at certain times of the day and have a system where you only check emails say twice a day. That’s difficult to do, I know, because I’m the worst one for checking my emails every five minutes – let me tell you.

But it’s really, really important and think of it like you’re training for a marathon. If you don’t do the training, you’re wasting your time. So if you’re not selling things, if you’re not building funnels, if you’re not marketing every single day, then you’re wasting your time checking emails and making sure you’ve got – who has liked my page or who has re-tweeted my Twitter. It’s not productive. So essentially you’re wasting your time.

So if you want to be more productive, then think about those things that you need to do to make the money. Think about that periphery. Keep your peripheral vision. Don’t become blinkered and don’t become sort of hoodwinked into what’s in front of you. Always try and keep that periphery going. In turn what you will do, you will generate momentum in your business and usually that’s what you want. You want to generate momentum. You want to do something and then build on it and do something else and build on it.

Before you know it, the whole snowball effect or the ripple effect, however you want to describe it, get bigger and bigger and bigger and making more of an impact every single day.

So just think about that. If you’re on Facebook all the time and you’re doing things all the time and you think you’re being busy, then you’re becoming slightly more blinkered. Think peripheral vision. Think organisation. Get things done and you will move on with your business and you become successful quicker and it’s all less painful, let me tell you.

All right. So I hope that helps with your business and we will speak next time. I’m John McLauchlan. Speak soon.

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