Facebook Ad Marketing Tips with Justice Egan


Facebook Ad MarketingWelcome to another episode of 7 Figure Interviews ‘Facebook Ad Marketing Tips with Justice Egan’

Justice Egan has built his home based business by becoming an expert with Facebook Marketing.

Justice explains why most people don't succeed with their Facebook Ad Campaigns and gives an insight into his strategy and recipe for success…

And of course that infamous video of Justice firing his boss on camera as his home based business took off! – Watch That Video Here

A great 7 Figure Interview with Justice Egan about “Facebook Ad Marketing Tips”

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Facebook Ad Marketing Tips Video Transcription –

Hi there. I'm John McLauchlan. I'm here with Justice Egan at the Live The Dream 7 in Austin, Texas. Let me just move this a little bit.

Justice:                 Yeah, for sure.

John:                     Arms are in the way. Okay, so one of the things that you use, Justice, to develop your business, is Facebook ads.

Justice:                 Correct, yeah.

John:                     Paid ads. What sort of strategy would you give to people who are thinking about using it as their traffic generator? What would you sort of advise people to do?

Justice:                 Well I think where I see some of these people go wrong with Facebook ads is with their expectations. Okay. They don't go in with a clear understanding of what they're trying to achieve. Of what that achieving … Whatever the objective is.

Whether it be get engagement. Whether it be get a fan. Whether it be have conversions, make sales, whatever. They don't go in understanding what value that has to them, what they're willing to pay for it, what it means to their business.

They don't really know their numbers, in other words. What happens is most people go into Facebook and they will run an ad or two, not see the result they're looking for or not even really know what they're looking for, and then they'll feel as if their spending … they're throwing good money away. Okay. And the reality is I get eight out of ten ads wrong, okay. I'm spending that money getting the information back from the marketplace and then that information helps me to get those one or two ads right. That's where things get really really interesting and you can produce incredible results. Again, regardless of what objective you're going for.

So, the advice I'd give people is one, understand what you're looking to accomplish, what it's worth to you in your business, both short and long term. Sometimes people are looking for a payoff immediately and there is a long term value to a lead. There's a long term value to a customer. And sometimes you gotta balance it. You gotta factor that in.

So understand what you're objective is, what you're willing to pay for your objective, and then also know that every dollar you spend that it's producing something. What it's producing is … it's producing information and feedback that's going to help you get to the successful ad. It is about testing. It is about getting it right. It's about dialling it in. It's not cooking cutter where you're going to do an ad and then go, it worked or it didn't work.

This is a process and you gotta go in with that understanding and that expectation or otherwise you're setting yourself up to be disappointed and you're missing the opportunity, which is the most incredible marketing platform that's ever existed on the planet right now. An endless opportunity to reach the perfect prospect. Once you take the time to really develop the skills.

John:                     And really what you said there is what a lot of people have said, is develop the skills. Develop the skills, master what you … the craft … master the one thing that you're gonna go at and then just move forward with it and get the results with that.

Justice:                 Yeah, don't go in looking, thinking like, well I'm gonna see if I like Facebook ads. Let's see if this first one works for me. That's just not gonna get you where you want to go.

John:                     Yeah, absolutely. Well that's fantastic information. Justice, thank you. I remember you had a video where your firing your boss and if you want to see that just put a comment … If I'm gonna put this on Facebook click on it below and I'll send you the video of you firing your boss. Justice, thank you very much. Justice here, again. I'm John McLauchlan and we'll speak soon.

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