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Welcome to Episode #4 of McLauchlan's Marketing Muse –  Email Marketing Call To Action Tips

These email marketing call to action tips will help you to determine how you pitch in the right way, and how to give people what they want without coming across as spammy or pushy. The question this episode of McLauchlan's Marketing Muse addresses is how often should you add a call to action in your emails, and how do you approach it in the right way.

Watch episode #4 of McLauchlan's Marketing Muse to learn some essential Email Marketing Call To Action Tips.

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Video Transcription

Calls To Action Email Marketing TipsEmail Marketing Call To Action Tips

Hello there. I’m John McLauchlan. Welcome to another episode of McLauchlan’s Marketing Muse, the web show that simply shows you how to build a six-figure internet business. Now today I’m going to be talking about calls to action in your emails. We all know that we should be giving value to your subscribers. But do you put a call to action in every single email? Stay tuned to find out.

Welcome back. So today, we’re going to be talking about do you put a call to action in every single email. Well, of course the obvious thing is it depends on your target market. It depends who you’re talking to and the kind of value you’re trying to give to your audience.

Remember that everything that we do online is all about building relationships and building the know, like and trust factor.

So if putting a call to action in every single email builds that relationship, then by all means do. But it all depends on the target market. Now, if we’re talking about being an online business or building any type of business, what I would always suggest is always put a call to action or some kind of call to action in your emails. Otherwise, there’s not really a lot of point in sending that email unless you send them to a page and the page has got a call to action. But certainly the link to the page is the call to action, so there you go. Work that one out.

Potentially the call to action can either be a kind of female-orientated whole marketing, soft call to action or it can be a slightly harder call to action and again that depends on very much on the target audience.

But the thing is – here’s the thing. If you’ve got a bunch of subscribers or a number of subscribers on your list who know, like and trust you, then pretty much they’re going to – they trust you enough to click on the majority of your links to find out more and to get involved in whatever it is that you’re selling.

The other side of that is people that don’t really know you and maybe only have maybe two or three exposures to you. They kind of expect the call to action anyway. So in all cases, what I will say is always put your call to action in because either you’re going to have people that already know, like and trust you and click on most things or you have people that don’t know you yet and they’re looking to find out more.

So it just kind of says that – you know, put calls to action in all your emails because people do expect it. With the type of call to action, always look at your target market and always look at the product that you’re selling and the type of people that you’re selling to.

So I hope that answers one or two questions about calls to action. Should you always put them in your emails? I definitely would. The type of call to action depends very much on the market that you’re speaking to. All right. I hope that helps. We will speak soon. I’m John McLauchlan. Speak soon.

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