Developing The Business Success Mindset


Welcome to the first ever McLauchlan's Marketing Muse Episode #1 – Developing The Business Success Mindset.

Developing the business success mindset is essential for success in business. The difference between success and failure is often the choices we make based on our mindset, values and beliefs. This is the very first episode of McLauchlan's Marketing Muse and kicking off with a lesson on mindset is the perfect place to start.

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Video Transcription

Developing The Business Success MindsetDeveloping The Business Success Mindset

Hello there. I’m John McLauchlan. Now for those of you that follow me, you will know that I’ve been talking about developing my web show and you will know certainly that the details of the camera falling off the car and the GoPro going under the wheels of another car and getting completely destroyed are well-documented and I’m sure you’ve heard about it all before.

Well, this particular recording is the first of many recordings. This is the very first web show and I’m quite excited to bring it to you. The web show itself is going to bring you small handful of useful snippets of information, tips, tricks, techniques, that sort of things, to build your six-figure internet business.

It’s brought to you in short snippets so you can get information that you can absorb, really good quality information that you can listen to and then take away and use in your business as well. What I’ve called it here, I’ve called McLauchlan Marketing Muse and basically I want to give you musings on marketing, that sort of thing, and of course I’m John McLauchlan. So the title McLauchlan’s Marketing Muse was just a nice progression into the information on what you’ve got to look forward to.

So that is the opener I think to the very first web show. So what we will do, I will transition and then we will go to the very first web show.

Welcome back. Well, I want to talk about all of those fundamental principles that you need to succeed in your online business. It’s something that all the leaders talk about and normally if you get training in something, they will always start with this particular subject and it’s about mindset.

You see, most people talk about mindset and I know a lot of people glaze over and they say, “Look, all I want are the how-tos, the principles, the step-by-step approach for me to make money online. I don’t want to know about mindset.”

This is the big mistake the majority of people make that aren’t making it, aren’t making a success of being an online business. You see, the thing is if you think about the majority of the questions that most leaders and people get asked, it’s things like, “How long will it take me to reach a certain figure in my business in a month? Can I do things for free? What’s the quickest way? What’s the shortcut?”

These questions come about because people clearly don’t understand the concepts of getting the mindset right and it’s these sort of questions that most people have a problem with. If you get your mindset right, the difference is it’s not really a matter about what you need to do, because what you need to do is easy. What you need to do, your principles and the how-tos are pretty straightforward. But the mindset is something that is there for the long term.

Most people want to make money online. I want to make money online. If you were to make money online, go and sell your underwear on eBay. Go and sell your underwear on eBay. You will make money online. Of course people don’t want to sell their underwear on eBay. They want to develop a business. So if you want to develop a business, you would have to develop the mindset and if you have to develop the mindset, you need to develop the character, the character traits and the development of an entrepreneur.

This is the biggest principle I can tell you of how to become successful with an online business. If you put more input into developing yourself as a person, as a business owner, then certainly the principles and the ideas and the how-tos, they’re kind of superfluous in comparison to getting the mindset right, right at the very start.

This is what we say in karate. The idea of karate isn’t the winning of competitions. People like to win competitions and people like to make money online but it’s not the ultimate aim. The ultimate aim is to become successful. The ultimate aim if somebody is starting martial arts is to develop the character of that person, to make him a better person so that in turn they can have a better life and that’s what it’s all about.

Yeah, you can go and make money online. But is that really going to improve your lifestyle? Is it going to improve your life? Probably not. But if you used and developed the success principle and the success mindset that everyone teaches, that I teach, then you’re going to – not only are you going to improve your life. But you’re going to have the structure in place for lifestyle and for balance and for everything else. So mindset is a huge subject and it’s one that really shouldn’t be overlooked.

If right now you’re thinking, “Well, OK, that’s fine. But just give me the information, then you’ve missed the point.” If now you’re going to go off and read more books and get more courses in relation to building up your mindset and developing your personal development, then you’re on the right road.

So just bear that in mind. The first principle to becoming successful with anything, anything in life – it doesn’t have to be an online business. It could be anything. It’s development of mindset, development of your own character.

I’m saying that – I will leave you with that thought. I’m John McLauchlan and we will speak soon.

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