How To Build A Profitable Email List of Buyers


Welcome to Episode #3 of McLauchlan's Marketing Muse – How To Build A Profitable Email List of Buyers

How to build a profitable email list of buyers, is the art and science of converting leads into sales, to develop loyal customers out of interested leads and develop your Internet business with profitability and security built in.

Here on I share with you the tips, tricks, and proven techniques to build your business by giving you no-nonsense, real-world business advice from my 25 years business experience, with access to the most up-to-date strategies and EASY TO FOLLOW advice.

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Watch episode #3 of McLauchlan's Marketing Muse to learn how to build a profitable email list of buyers.

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Video Transcription

How To Build A Profitable Email List of BuyersHow To Build A Profitable Email List of Buyers

Hello there. I’m John McLauchlan. Welcome to another episode of McLauchlan’s Marketing Muse, the web show that simply shows you how to build a six-figure internet business.

Now today I’m going to talk about how to generate an email list of people who actually want to buy stuff that you’ve got to sell. Stay tuned.

Welcome back. Well, today we’re going to talk about how to develop an email list that people actually want to buy the stuff that you’ve got to sell. How do you do that? How do you get – some marketers say, “I’ve only got a list of 4000 or 5000,” and yet they generate lots and lots of money online. They generate six figures online with an email subscriber list of just a few thousand.

Well, here’s the thing. Let me just get past this juncture, well past the juncture. When you’re building your list, when you’re building an email list right from scratch, there’s a certain emotion that we go through. So we get our first subscriber. We hit the ceiling. We think it’s fantastic. We’ve got a subscriber. The system works.

Then they don’t really do anything. They maybe look at one or two things that you do. Maybe they will open. Maybe they don’t. You look at the stats and sometimes your mood goes up and down. Then you get another subscriber and we think it’s great and then that whole process tends to level out. So we go, OK, we will get a subscriber. Great.

How do I get those subscribers to actually buy things and take the course that I want to take them on? How do you get them through the funnels? It all comes down to what I said before and what I’ve said in a number of these different episodes. You need to get people who know, like and trust you. So you need to develop relationships with those people and you need to deliver value to those people.

Well, here’s the thing. Some people will know you, will get to know you and they don’t like you. So they will unsubscribe. Some people might not like you and you may go through your campaigns of sending emails every day and they may grow to like you. The whole process is different for everybody involved. You don’t know the kind of subscriber that you attract. Hopefully you attract the right type of person. But people do their own thing. Some people think everything that you do is fantastic and some people really can’t stand you as a person. That’s just the way it goes.

The way that you get people to actually buy is to be consistent with what you do. So there’s a saying that we have quite a lot and it says you need to be married to the process and divorce from the result. That’s never so true when you’re building an online business. You need to diligently grow your email list every single day, send value to those people. If they unsubscribe, get rid of them. I’m not saying get rid of them in a nasty way. But just get rid of the email address. If they unsubscribe, it means they don’t want your information. So it doesn’t really matter. Just move on.

Eventually, if you do the right thing, eventually if you give value to people, and you build a core following of people, those core following of people, if you do things in the right way – and I keep saying this. You must give value to your subscribers. Then they will follow you for years and years and years and they will be the people that buy from you all the time. They are the people that you will be in business with for your entire career. But it takes time. So never get discouraged when you get an email list of maybe your first 500, maybe your first 1000 and it’s kind of – oh, it’s a little bit up and down. Don’t worry about that. OK?

Don’t worry if every time you send out an email list, you get three or four unsubscribes. It doesn’t matter. OK? It really doesn’t matter. It takes time to build a business. You need to give the business time to kind of percolate if you like, to simmer, and to build the foundations.

If you do it in the right way, if you do it in the way that everyone teaches, to build relationships, to build value into what you do, then you will build success. Just remember that. You need to be married to the process, not the results. OK?

So if you’re getting discouraged, and you’re thinking, well, I’ve got all these subscribers. No one is doing anything. Then stick with it. Keep getting value. Keep delivering to them and just keep faith. Hope that helps and we will speak next time. I’m John McLauchlan. Speak soon.

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