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Blogging Tips with Ray HigdonWelcome to another episode of 7 Figure Interviews ‘Blogging Tips With Ray Higdon'

I spoke to Blogging and Network Marketing powerhouse Ray Higdon about his Blogging Tips and how in the last 3 years has been able to generate over $10m in revenue.

Ray explained that all of his online revenue is generated via his blog described as his Hub, driving traffic to it through a number of different sources he describes as spokes. When asked about getting started with SEO Ray added that while it may be challenging at first, and prospecting fills the void, “quitting won't speed it up either.”

A great 7 Figure Interview with Ray Higdon about “Blogging Tips”

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Blogging Tips With Ray Higdon Video Transcription

Hello there. I'm John McLauchlan. I'm here with Mr. Ray Higdon. Someone that need no introduction, super successful and personally  I've followed all of his trainings online.

One of the questions I want to ask you about Ray, first of all, really, thanks for doing this interview… I hear a lot of people talking about blogging.  Blogging and SEO is what I do.  A lot of people are saying that SEO is dead. Blogging doesn't really work anymore and you need to use Facebook as a main traffic source.  What would you say to that? To most of the people out there suggesting that?

Ray:                       Yeah, so we look at social media and Facebook and really all those things. Those are just spokes. Those are spokes to our hub and our hub is our blog. The reason blogging works is that, that's how people like to consume information now. There's a big distrust of media right now. I think hardly anyone trusts the media anymore. So they … If you look at things … like if you Google the Tim Ferris Effect, being on his blog is more productive and profitable than being on the front page of the newspaper. A major newspaper. So people trust bloggers who provide value.

Whether it's SEO or not, that will always matter. You don't own Facebook. Trust me. We've been booted off Facebook, YouTube, all kind of different things but we also didn't know you own your blog. You can control that. That's your baby. I would highly suggest you look at all other channels as spokes to drive them to your hub, but you really need to build that value in the hub. That's how we have created so much income from our website. Anything on Facebook is … We do use Facebook and we do use Facebook Ads. It's just to drive them over to our blog.

John:                     And with SEO, would you say … for a lot of the new people it takes … sort of … to have this three month window where they get really excited and then they go, okay three months has happened but no results. What would you say to them? Would you say, okay start with ads and then develop your SEO on the back end? How would you answer that?

Ray:                       Well there's two different methods of building engagements, there's marketing and there's prospecting. Marketing is passive. You're doing a blog or a video or something you hope someone unnamed reaches out to you and responds to etc. Prospecting is you reaching out to them. When we started blogging, we also didn't get immediate results but I can assure you quitting won't speed it up. In the meantime, when we didn't have leads to connect with, we were prospecting and really making our leads. If you don't have leads coming in then you should be prospecting to go and find leads. That would be my big suggestion. Don't sit there and wait and refresh the screen. Reach out to others and connect with the leads and determine their needs and that's what you can offer them.

John:                     Fantastic information. Thank you. We just got off the stage with Ray and some great information on blogging. Some great information there. This is Ray Higdon. I'm John McLauchlan. We'll speak soon.

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