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The Best Home Based Business Advice with Norbert Orlewicz : John McLauchlan TV

The Best Home Based Business Advice with Norbert Orlewicz


Home Based Business Advice and StrategyWelcome to another episode of 7 Figure Interviews ‘The Best Home Based Business Advice’  with Norbert Orlewicz.

Norbert Orlewicz, is a major leader in the “Home Based Business” industry. He co-founded one of the largest marketing platforms on the planet with over $22m in sales and travels the world teaching and coaching clients.

In this 7 Figure Interview, Norbert shares one of the best pieces of advice to anyone involved in a Home Based Business, geared towards simplification and building your home based business the way you want

A great 7 Figure Interview with  Norbert Orlewicz “The Best Home Based Business Advice”

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The Best Home Based Business Advice Video Transcription –

John:          Hello there. I'm John McLauchlan. I'm here in Austin, Texas with Mr. Norbert Orlewicz. and Norbert for me was somebody who I learned from going back to probably early 2009. I followed all of his trainings and just did what he suggested.

Norbert, first of all thanks very much for agreeing to do this interview I really appreciate it.  It's been many years in the making!

For all the people out there, for all the new people, who are involved with building a home based business thing, developing a home business online, and very quickly they get overwhelmed with things that they've got to do. What would your advice be to people when they first get involved …. the sort of first … what would be some information that you would give to people getting started?

Norbert:          Well I think when you're first getting started, it's really important to get with the right coach or the right mentor. Somebody who can kind of guide you along the way. Like you said, it's really easy to get overwhelmed. It's really easy to complicate online marketing and building a home based business.

You've gotta find what's going to work for you, in the end. And for some people that's going to be a little bit of trial and error. A lot of times you'll have to try different things and see what works and what doesn't. Just because something worked for somebody else, doesn't mean it's going to work for you. You've gotta find things that work with your strengths and your talents. And so, you gotta give a little bit of time for that period of learning, of exploration, of growth.

I find that period of time can really vary. For some people it might be a matter of weeks. For some people it might be a matter of months.

What's really important is that you have set the right intentions for yourself and for your business. That you're in this for the long term. You've committed that this is what I'm doing. This is my business. This is my profession. I'm gonna become a professional. This isn't a hobby. It's not just a game. I'm not just gonna try this. But I've actually committed for the long term.

That's the only way that you can stick through it and stick through all of the challenges and then it's a matter of simplifying down. So once you start to narrow down what strategies you're gonna focus on, how you're going to grow your business, you're starting to put your plan together. Keep it simple in the beginning, as simple as possible. Do less. Always look to do less. Always ask yourself, “is this necessary?”

So perfect example right now, Snapchat's the biggest thing. Okay. Everyone is talking about Snapchat. It's hot. Whatever. Everyone's going crazy about it. Especially if you're in the beginning, right now you gotta ask yourself, is this necessary? Can I build without it? Does it fit my strengths? Does it fit the way that I want to build my business? And if it doesn't, you've gotta say no. You've gotta eliminate and simplify.

John:                      So essentially, pick something and be disciplined with it.

Absolutely. Discipline. That's one of the hardest things because there's so much noise in the space. You know, you're probably subscribed to lots of different email lists. You're following different teachers and gurus. And then you start attending different webinars and buying different courses and next thing you know, there's a hundred different ideas swimming around in your head. Right? So you've gotta be disciplined in narrowing your focus and saying no and eliminating distractions. Eliminating information. And really just focusing on the basics.

John:                     And do you think there's a big conflict between people just going forward with one idea. Between that and people thinking they're gonna miss out by not getting the next product.

Norbert:              Absolutely. It's that fear of missing out that's gonna drive you crazy. Right? And it's going to … it can kill your business. You know? It can really be a challenge for you. You're not gonna miss out. There will always be a new Snapchat, you know? Next year there will be a new Snapchat. But focus on the fundamentals. Are you growing your audience? How are you growing your audience? Are you building your email list? How are you building your email list? Are you engaging and sharing valuable content with your audience? If you're not doing those things, Snapchat's not gonna help you.

John:                     Yeah. That's right.

Norbert:              Do you know what I mean? These gimmicks and these hacks and these new crazy things, it's not gonna help you. Get the basics. Get the fundamentals in place and focus on those on a consistent and regular basis over a long period of time.

John:                     What's more to be said? Fantastic information Norbert. Brilliant. As you say, stick with the basics. Get disciplined. Provide value to your marketplace. Fantastic. Well Norbert, thanks very much for this interview. Really appreciate it.

Norbert:              My pleasure.

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